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Somewhere at this Moment
There's a woman sittin' on her bed
Somewhere at this moment
Lookin' at her hands
Lookin' at the blood trails
Leadin' from the box on her desk that she bought three years ago
And now uses every night to make her wrists bleed.
There's a man sittin' on a bench
Somewhere at this moment
With pills in one hand
A needle in the other
Track marks on his arms
Thinkin' about the woman he had
The one he coulda
But he just gave up.
Now, there's a li'l lady sittin' in her room
In her house across town
She's so in love but she ain't blind
She just doesn't really care
So she'll never really know about the woman or the man
She'll just sit there and she'll sing
And she just won't give a damn.
And there's a boy in his own room
In his own house on the other side of town
Who walks around with his frown
And he just gave up
So he went out with somethin' hidden in his hat
And everyone will see him
Everyone will know
When he stands on the roof with a gun and a note
And he'll see if he can make her care with th
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 2 0
This is how...
This is where
I belong
This is where
I willl stay
Just as long
As you're happy
With the day
Let my misery keep your spirits
Keep them up in worse times
And let my sorrow keep you away
Away from your own terrors
Of the day
Don't see my bad
Only good
I'll fake this all
So you can stay
Where you stood
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 2 0
Here I Tumble, Now I Stumble
Down I tumble
Through this roof
And now I stumble
In God's name
I say I done it
And so I tell him
I just can't take it
I understand
He says to me
But so must you
My misery
So down
Down I tumble
Through the ground
And now I stumble
And as I tread upon
Lucifer's oh saintly head
He said to me
Hello my lovely misery
I'll take you in
To be with me
I'll love you when
You cease to be
Oh my lovely
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 1 0
Time to Let Go
        There was a scream, I remember that, it was a woman's scream, I think. It was also cold, I couldn't feel my body. I remember a strange tingle like sensation radiate through my being, I think that's when they took me inside, but that only lasted for a second.
It's blank up to the point where I was warm. Cold and warm, that's all I remember from that morning. I think they had laid me down on one of the beds in the nurse's office, I'm not sure. I remember hearing a murmuring, I think that was someone trying to talk to  me about what had happened, why I had done what I did, but I couldn't hear enough to respond, not that I would've had I been able to. After the murmurs stopped i drifted off further, and I thought I saw the brink. I remember the brush of something soft, like lips, against my cheek and something wet, maybe tears, but that could've just been made up out of a hope, a wish of something I wanted to be there.
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 1 0
Swoosh Boom :iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 3 3
Oh the Sound
So put your hands on my body
And lets do a dirty little dance
Lay you down
Dont go to sleep now
We got a full night ahead of us yet.
How about that
You like that
That right there
When we plunge together
Hot breath
Warm sheets
Just the sound of each other
Bodies close
Backs arched
So loud
So warm
Just you
Just me
Lets go
Fast now
You seem pleased
How about again
Same place
Same time
Lets go again first
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 0 2
Soar into the Night
Soaring into the night
haunted and broken
halfway to heaven
almost to hell
so just keep running
everybody run
everybody just run
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 1 0
A snap
a flash of pain
a stumble
"whats wrong"
you ask
"did you hear that"
i answer
"it was the sound of a breaking heart,
a heart thats dying,
and decaying"
you can hear it
again and agin
when your not here
its grief
its pain
its excruciating
theres nothing i can do
but when your here
its different
i cant describe it
its like its been slightly repaired
gone is the pain
gone is the grief
for a little while
at least
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 1 0
The Unexplained 8
For the next few days I ran, hardly stopping to catch my breath. I only stopped to drink and sit for a few minutes, never eating, never sleeping, trying to run myself six feet under. After about a week of this, I couldn't push my muscles any further and my legs gave out under me, forcing me to collapse to the ground in pain and exhaustion. Delusional with hunger and sleep deprivation, I felt unconsciousness sweep over me as a wave of pain wracked through my body. I'm sure I would've died right then and there if it weren't for the kindly farmers who found me passed out in their field.
It was two weeks before I woke up, two weeks filled with nightmares and pain. Not much worth telling happened in my month long stay with the farmers. I helped in the fields to earn my keep at their house and I became quite affectionate towards them. My stay was cut short though, by the hounds and their Keeper.
Apparently he had been planning on taking my "mother" to the Abyss, alive, as a guardian of so
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 2 1
Sore Heart
A heart sore from all the pain
all the misery
all the hate and death
a heart so full up to bursting
and your now alone
looking down that horrible cliff
the ground below invisible to your eye.
Will you jump?
Will you walk away?
Will you stay where you are?
It's your choice to make.
Tolday so long ago
i was in this same possition
and i chose to walk
but now im back
maybe i should step out
but its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 0 0
So Precious
It was easily noticable that something was wrong,
he was my friend, and i knew
but i did nothing to help him, and now its my fault,
what he did,
what i should have stopped,
what i now consider,
for the guilt i feel.
It was a nice day,
life was good, or at least i had thought it was,
but for him, it was a different story.
He gradually got quiet,
started coming to around half asleep or stoned,
he stopped eating,
stopped sleeping all together.
I guess i should have guessed,
he had been going through some tough times the past few months,
what with the divorce,
the crash,
the hospital visits,
and he being dumped.
I should have talked to him,
but now its to late,
and ill never have the chance to again.
He dragged his broken, beaten, worn out body to the top of his house,
we were all there, hangin out, havin a good time,
when we heard the gunshots.
There were three of them,
he had shot himself in the leg,
and arm.
As if that wasnt enough,
he threw himself to the ground,
down four stori
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 0 0
Memory is Misery
Can you hide your feelings
those feeling deep down inside
that you hide with the blunt blade of a dull knife?
What about your mind
can you keep your mind a secret
trapped behind the steel walls youve amassed?
And your strengths
can you just keep those locked away
shut tight in a box and throw away the key?
It takes practice, my friend
my dear
a practice ive dedicated myself to
a practice i dont recomend to anyone else.
Why keep your feelings buried?
Why keep your thoughts a secret?
Why keep your strengths and weakness locked away?
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 0 0
That Pretty Lil Girl
Cuz I fell in love with the prettiest lil thing i ever done seen
As beautiful as every flower in the desert
And as radiant as the very stars I watch every night.
Why she's the sweetest thing, quick minded and sharp
With love in her heart and a creative sparkle in her eyes.
I ain't done nothin right by her
But she treats me right and loves me
And I love her with my heart and my soul
And ain't nothin gonna make me let go of the feelin i get round her.
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 1 4
That Point of Night
That point of night where your head is throbbing and there's nothing you can do because your in someone elses house and it's hot as hell,
where your so tired you can't keep your eyes open yet you can't sleep because it's to loud.
That point where you no longer feel your hands and your in so much pain from lack of sleep and all you want is someone to hold for comfort but noones there.
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 1 1
Journal of an Insane Man II
Entry II
This world is so full of beautiful wonders. The sunset, the ocean, the stars, the forest. Oh how I wish I could see those wonders again. This is the true punishment. Not being locked up, not the tests they conduct, not the solitude. No, the true punishment is not being able to see the wonders of the world anymore.
Did you know, I used to be a poet? People used to tell me I was good at it to, the whole writing thing, I never believed them though. Mabye I should have. Mabye if I had, I wouldn't be where I am now. But these are all what ifs.
I guess the poetic mind, the creative person, is a demented one.
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 1 0
Journal of an Insane Man
Am I crazy? Well I'm currently checked into an insane asylum. Why? Well apparently having a demonic shoe gnome that tells you to maliciously kill people isn't normal. To better exlpain, let's take a dive into a mental patients' mind shall we?
It was summer, I don't remember the year, and I was in the park when he decided to talk to me.
"There! Over there! Do you see them? Those people over by the swings, they need to die. There's no reason why, just kill them."
Well me being me, I did as I was told, Later, when asked why, I told them that the voices told me to, thus landing myself here. Yet, as I pelted them with stones and jammed sticks into them, I know that, for a reason yet unknown to me, that I was the one that had wanted to kill them. Mabye it was because I saw they were happy and care-free, while I wasn't, and so was angry or jealous. Or mabye I'm a sick minded person who gets some kind of disgusting pleasure out of viciously killing people. I honestly don't know.
What I do know
:iconthe-13th-contestant:The-13th-Contestant 1 0


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Truly who would believe?
Can it be
You and me?
Truely who'd believe it?
Yet where the earth
Becomes the sea
We truly felt it
Call it divine
Passion, lust
On that night
We sold our trust
But only to recieve the others
Can it be,
You and me?
Even I can't believe
Still our passion
Rages in my soul
Begging for another go
Will you lay with me
Or break my heart when you leave
:iconfallenkitten21:FallenKitten21 1 0
Bound together
These pages of our book
I may be the author
But I am also my own pawn
A creation of my mind
I do what it tells me
I take on every role
A fighter, a lover
The hero, the villain
A plot twist here
A death later on
Since when did I take on this role?
When did I sell my own soul?
To write an epic tale
This pen enslaves me
Writing about these places,
These faces haunt me
For I will never see them truly
I'll always be left here
In my pit of darkest fears
Alone in a world we're all trying to escape
:iconlinkzelda106:linkzelda106 1 4
Triple Dog
I dare you to meet me half way
One kilometer to my thousand
I dare you to hold your hand high
Show me the way
Show them you care
Wave away all the doubts that float about
I dare you to look me straight in the eye
See what I see
Know how I am
Believe every word that has passed through these lips
I dare you to stand firm, stand tall
Never waver under stares
Mirror my confidence in chance
Collect all the wishes you threw at stars and give them to Fate
I dare you to be as daring as I
Throw your caution to the wind
In a fit
Throw it away, up and away past the clouds I traveled
I dare you to face your fear, your crushing insecurity.
Treat me the way you always said you would.
I dare you to dare me too.
:iconkitkitta:KitKittA 1 1
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It's been a while since I've been on here..
I lost a great friend today, and she'll never know how much she meant to me since she won't talk to me...oh well, no one sticks around do they, even those that say they'll never leave..


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